Water revitalization brings the well into your home

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Does your water taste stale?


Do you often feel thirsty but you do not have the feeling it is necessary to drink water?


This can be because the tap water in your house or apartment is not revitalized enough.

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How water stays alive

Healthy drinking water is characterized by the fact that it flows from the ground from a great depth with its own pressure. It is largely free of harmful substances, enriched with oxygen and constantly in motion. 

By whirling around stones and running down the slope of the mountain into the valley, it collects energy and oxygen. It tingles with liveliness.

In order for water to remain invigorated and rich in energy, it needs the movement, through gradients and windings, that a natural water flow brings with it. As soon as water flows through straight pipes, it loses all its vitality.

But the water that comes out of our tap usually has a long way behind it through straight pipes. It has lost its energy, its freshness.

What does water do for our body?

Water is nature, source of energy, healing power.

The adult human being consists of two thirds of water. We need water to

  • regulate our body temperature,
  • to transport nutrients into the cells and
  • to remove metabolic end products again. 

Even a slight lack of fluids of around 5% of the body weight can trigger serious health problems. For example muscle cramps and apathy, accelerated heart activity or vomiting. 

And 15% fluid deficit can be fatal. An adult should take in around 2 to 2.5 liters of fluid daily, although the need can increase significantly with physical exertion and heat.

So if you have no need to drink, it could be that your tap water is not revitalized enough. It tastes bland and you put your water glass away after a small sip. But drinking enough water is very important for your health and beauty!  Your water becomes the vital elixir of life. It can therefore optimally fulfill its properties as a natural solvent and purification agent in the body.

The solution: water revitalization by the Ausseer Wassermann

Our brain in particular needs the life-giving water, our well-being depends on the quality of the drinking water. Water should be full of oxygen and energy. And it should contain as little lime as possible.

If you want to learn more about calcium in water, please read on here.

The further the water is on its way to you and the more technology it meets on the way to you, the weaker the structure.

With the products from Ausseer Wassermann there is a simple solution for everyone who wants to produce pollutant-free, oxygen-revitalized water full of energy:

Thanks to a specially developed vortex chamber and the unique implosion vortex, our AKVOMED gives the water its natural energy back.

The message of the water

Water has a memory and can absorb information from its surroundings. This is what Dr. Masaru Emoto by accident. And he made it visible to everyone in numerous experiments using his crystal photography. His impressive pictures of water crystals show how water reacts to information by developingdifferent structures depending on its origin or treatment. This theory is also used in some alternative healing methods such as homeopathy and Bach flowers, in which aqueous solutions are used as information carriers.

(Bild Koha Verlag, ISBN-13: 978-3867281232)

Shapes of tap water

(Verlag Koha, ISBN-13 : 978-3867281454)

In the pictures by Emoto you can clearly see the difference between natural water from the mountain and tap water. 


The crystals of natural water are beautifully and symmetrically built.


That of tap water is mutilated in most cases.

Water that is alive also tastes like that!

Water revitalization through our systems: AKVOMED and SPIROMED from Ausseer Wassermann

Based on our knowledge of the implosion principle, we have developed our AKVOMED und SPIROMED water revitalization systems.

What is the implosion principle

In nature, water is used to take many detours, the water ist constantly in motion and revitalized. The waster molecules rub into each other. That brings energy.

By the time water reaches our household, however, it has congealed many kilometers through straight pipes. And probably already has a few pumping stations behind it.

In terms of energy, the water is “dead”. The implosion turbulence of AKVOMED gives it back its natural structure and energy.


Structural change in some groups of lime molecules


E-coli bacteria multiply more slowly


Increase in dissolved oxygen (PH value moves to the neutral middle)


Deletion of electromagnetic information


Order status is increased (as with spring water)


Breaking up and reorganizing the cluster structure


Promotion of growth in plants

With AKVOMED or SPIROMED you get the source of your life directly into your home.

AKVOMED and SPIROMED water revitalization – what’s the difference ?

The heart of our water revitalization systems is


the implosion swirler with adjoining swirl chamber and


the separate alignment of the magnets, which convert lime into aragonite, so that it does not cling to pipes or devices.

We also offer different products for the house or apartment for both systems.

But the real difference between AKVOMED and SPIROMED is the possibility of opening the drawers of the AKVOMED under water pressure in order to supplement it with BIO-TRANSMITTERS. And to liven up and refine your drinking water with additional vibrations.

Revitalize your water with vibrational energy

The AKVOMED system can be opened and you can use special bio-transmitters. The transmission of the natural messenger substances takes place through micromagnetically informed quartz sand

The range of BIO-TRANSMITTER includes

Mountain stream transmitter
Gemstone transmitter
Sun UVA / UVB transmitter
Homeopathy transmitter
We manufacture also individual transmitters for you and your family adapted to your needs.

Interesting experiments with revitalized water

Fruit lasts longer with AKVOMED water

For this experiment, we took two nectarines, one of which was placed in water revitalized by AKVOMED for 30 minutes, the other in “normal” water from the same water pipe.

After 15 days:

With the nectarine (left) that was in AKVOMED only the contact surface has become soft, while the other (right) is already rotten and infected with mold.

After 30 days:

The nectarine treated with AKVOMED-water (left) is now rotten, but the mold from the neighboring fruit has not spread. The other fruit, on the other hand, is just a pile of mold.

We invite you to try a similar experiment yourself. Convince yourself!

We would be happy to advise you on the selection of the right water revitalization system.

Our products


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