About us

the Ausseer Wassermann (Aquarius) introduces himself

 “We love nature and that’s why we attach great importance to being careful with its resources. Water is a precious commodity; we need to keep it clean.

“We promote people’s health by invigorating and softening drinking water with our products. This allows nature and people to breathe a sigh of relief and draw vitality. “

Johanna and Günter Erhart, Ausseer Wassermann

Ausseer Wassermann: Our values

Nature – apply

Resilience – increase

Life force – draw

Health – promote

Ausseer Wassermann: Our guiding principle

The Ausseer Wassermann invigorates water and people!

Ausseer Wassermann: Our vision

Free access to clean water is not a matter of course everywhere in the world. Therefore we, the Ausseer Wassermann, have developed our unique water revitalization systems AKVOMED and SPIROMED

Ausseer Wassermann: How we started our Company

In search of a suitable water revitalization system for one’s own private household, the current managing director of Ausseer Wassermann, Günter Erhart, met the head of the Luma health team, Chlodwig Haslebner. During this consultation, the examination results of Kirlian photography (high frequency photography) and terminal point diagnostics according to Dr. Voll discussed in full which were carried out by the Luma health team for various manufacturers of water revitalization systems. It came tolight that there was still no device that really combines all the desired and suitable properties.
So at that time the idea arose to develop the first individually adjustable activation system based on a water implosion in the house water pipe. What was previously only thought of as an in-house product has become over the years as the Aussee selection product AKVOMED. The collaboration with the Luma health team, especially in the areas of research, development and training, has intensified and professionalized since then.

The development of our water revitalization systems

Günter Erhart: “Our first product was the AKVOMED, the water revitalization system of the Ausseer Wassermann. We developed it according to the motto of Viktor Schauberger – who has studied the processes of nature for decades – “understand nature – copy nature.“

Viktor Schauberger’s dream was to develop an energy source that has a clean and sustainable effect on our environment. He wanted a technology that would not destroy, expand, or explode. He relied on implosion, on the refinement of fabrics.

During the implosion, the forces work inwards and the fabrics are refined. Unlike the explosion, the forces act outwards and higher quality products are transformed into inferior ones..

In water there are eddies and eddies, forces directed inwards. Cyclones and hurricanes are also examples of the implosion.

The people behind Ausseer Wassermann

Managing director

Günter Erhart

As a trained machine fitter, he completed numerous advanced training courses in the technical field. From 1994 to 2018 he was a senior executive in the State Railway Company. His interest in the subject of water revitalization accompanied him for many years and so he laid the foundation stone for founding his company “Ausseer Wassermann”. As managing director, Günter Erhart is also primarily responsible for the production and technical implementation department. His know-how in technical matters and his great knowledge of the power of revitalized water led him, together with Chlodwig Haslebner, from the LUMA health team, to the development of the AKVOMED, the unique water revitalization system with implosion vortex chamber and completely individually adjustable BIO-TRANSMITTERS.

Research department

Chlodwig Haslebner
has been a sought Instructor and Consultant in the fields of complementary medicine and holistic life counseling at the LUMA health center since the 1980s. His research in the fields of energy medicine and bionics is the scientific driving force behind the development and advancement of the innovative products from Ausseer Wassermann.

Development department

Monika Haslebner
has many years of experience in complementary medicine and with natural energy. As the head of the LUMA health center in Bad Aussee, she is a commercial masseuse and freelance therapeutic masseuse. At Ausseer Wassermann, she is jointly responsible for innovations.

Our products


For houses and apartments. Slots for biostransmitters.


For apartments, small holiday homes and when you are traveling.

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